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Shopping & Sightseeing

Our touching send-off at the ‘The Nellie’ was unexpected and impromptu when, as we waited to depart, melodic voices began singing the national anthem. ‘You have new friends in Cape Town,’ said Tiago – a genuine invitation to stay in touch, and hopefully to come back to go up Table Mountain someday…


We boarded the bus with Anthony for one last time and headed for the Oranjezicht City Farm Market for a quick breakfast before heading to the V&A, the most-visited shopping mall in Africa, in search of last-minute gifts for family and friends. 


After one last meal together at Harbour House, we said farewell to Amber and then popped up to the deck overlooking the harbour to recap on some of our most memorable take-outs from this once-in-a-lifetime Discovery Expedition. 


With 52 different experiences to process, there’s no shortage of inspiration for months to come, and we hope that you will take everything you have seen, tasted, heard and experienced and inject this energy back into your teams and resorts.

We realised the importance of…

  • Recognizing our employees

  • Getting more involved

  • Leaning on each other for knowledge


  • Collaborating as a team


  • Engaging more with our community and influencers

  • Encouraging personal and professional growth

  • Focusing on corporate social responsibility

  • Keeping sustainability top of mind


  • Eradicating single-use plastic


  • Having regular brainstorming discussions


  • Personal touches, such thoughtful turndown gifts


  • Knowing our guests by name

  • Improving on our wine knowledge 

We heard from new friends that when it comes to luxury…
  • Less is often more

  • Quality must be consistent


  • Connecting with guests is so important

  • Personal touches with handwritten notes go a long way

  • Warm and sincere welcomes make the best first impression

  • Authentic stories like Steenberg and Labotessa

       live long in the memory 

Some of our most
memorable highlights were…
  • Charly’s colourful (and delicious!) cakes and cookies

  • Vida e Caffé’s charismatic coffee shop staff


  • The Electric’s super-fresh drinks menu

  • The largest burgers ever, and, lest we forget…

  • Chilli protecting Piers on Long Street! 


And finally...

A closing word from Piers: 

‘We’ve had the chance to look through the microscope

at different products – keep this going when you go back!

And please remember to share your experiences with your

colleagues when you get home. We are now passing the baton

from us to you.’


Thank you, everyone, for being such an enthusiastic team.

We couldn’t have asked for a better group to share such a memorable week in Cape Town with.


See you now now!

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